Turf Boss

The turf boss is specifically designed to meet the needs of synthetic turf!
The high-powered, patent-pending Broce “Turf Boss” Sweeper is designed to reduce maintenance time on synthetic fields by up to two-thirds. Though many sweepers require multiple passes, which can lead to overheating and engine damage, the Broce “Turf Boss” requires just one. The system features full, 8’ brush contact, reversible rotation and a radiator designed to operate in up to 140 °F temperatures. These features allow the operator to sweep easily in both directions, and help ensure the life of the product. The “Turf Boss” is also the only system of its kind to incorporate a hydraulic oil cooler standard, while the 12-inch-wide turf-specific tires leave minimal imprint.


Turf Tires

The industry's only extra-wide turf tires for minimum weight impact are standard equipment on Broce Turf editions!

Fiber Guard

The patent-pending stationary guarding system prevents fibers and other debris from winding around the rotating brush shaft. Reduced maintenance means faster job completion and increased profits!


The only 3-wheel sweeper with severe-duty radiator and integrated hydraulic oil cooler to stay cool at ambient field temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit!

Standard Equipment

• Electronic variable speed, reversible brush • Low impact, wide turf tires

• Protected rotating brush shaft and bearing

• HD Radiator with hydraulic oil cooler

• Safety orange paint

• 8’ steel core with 6 3/8” x 24” poly flat wafers

• Electric over hydraulic brush lock

• ISO 3471 Certified ROPS and canopy

• ISO 6683 Seat Belt

• Power steering

• 2-wheel hydraulic drum brakes with mechanical parking brake

• 16 gauge core cover

• 72 gallon fluid spray system

• Dash package includes: oil, water, alternator, fuel and hour indicators

• Danfoss hydrostatic transmission

• Hydraulic wheel drive motors

• Single direct-drive brush rotation motor

• Broom controls - 2-spool joystick valve with adjustable down-pressure and float position

• Steering - orbital power with dead steer ability

• Padded seat with arm rests and seat belt • Reverse alarm

Optional Features

• Amber beacon light

• Amber strobe light

• Front work lights and tail lights

• Rear work lights

• Engine safety shutdown system

• Windshield

• Traffic horn

• Depth gauge


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